Variety Merlot

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Red grape variety, coming from the Bordeaux region. After the Cabernet-Sauvignon, it is the most frequent grape variety anywhere in the world. Medium-sized cylindrical bunches with grapes of blackish blue colour. The skin is thick and the juicy pulp of pleasant flavour, it gives rise to very aromatic and fine wines. The characteristic aromas of these wines are those of red fruits, among them red currants, mulberries, chocolate, etc., red flowers, tobacco, morello cherry, violet, in addition to truffle and leather. It requires fresh terrains. The sprouting is early, being sensible to spring frosts and the downy mildew. Found in the Iberian Peninsula since the end of the 19th century, predominately in Ribera del Duero, Somontano, Penedes, Navarra and La Mancha.


Sprouting: Early-mid

Harvest: Early September

Bunch: Small-medium



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