The Soil


At Finca El Refugio we cultivate with care the vineyards, to achieve superior quality grapes to concentrate flavors, color and structure.

The altitude were the vineyards are located, the extreme  climate with cold winters and hot summers, the scarce rainfall and the calcareous clay-gravel soils, are essential for the vines to develop their full potential, obtaining low productions of superior quality and wines of splendid expression.

The soul of our wines

The vineyards of the estate Finca El Refugio have 50 hectares. All the property is located within a half kilometer radius of the wine cellar and reception area. This is the only way for us to guarantee that all winemaking processes are carefully monitored to achieve superior quality grapes which concentrate aromas, color and structure. All the vineyards are installed with drip irrigation and humidity control, supplying water according to the needs of each variety and plot.

Our land has been very carefully prepared: we have removed all possible stones that impede the work keep the vineyard clean of weeds. and, we optimize the exceptional characteristics of our soils.